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"There are worlds out there where the sky is burning, and the sea's asleep, and the rivers dream; people made of smoke and cities made of song. Somewhere there's danger, somewhere there's injustice, and somewhere else the tea's getting cold. Come on, Ace. We've got work to do!"
Sylvester McCoy portraying 7th Doctor Who

Alexion has just completed her second 5-year deep space mission which saw an end to her second Captain. She is 11 years young and still running strong!

The Federation Starship Alexion is a Nebula Class starship equipped with the medical pod operating in the rimworld of the Alpha quadrant, showing a Starfleet presence at the Tholian border.

The Flagship Enterprise has just unearthed a parasitic lifeform controlling the C--in-C office. The shockwave that expired shocked the whole galaxy as we know it! Officers were reassigned to their original posts and granted into defence tech.

Alexion is a 2-2-2 simm this means that people aged 16+ are allowed to join.
A 2-2-2 rating means;
Language 2: Swearing is generally permitted. However, the language cannot be used to severely abuse.

Sexual Content 2: Sexual content is permitted. References and writing about genitalia and sex acts are permitted, but explicit detail is not. Fade to black, or mature tagging are recommended.

Violence 2: Violence is permitted.

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» Online and Ready to Rock & Roll

Posted on Sun Oct 23rd, 2022 @ 5:48pm by Captain Elonat in Sim Announcement

Alexion is now officially open to the public!

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» Normality

Mission: Mission 0 - Arrival
Posted on Thu Dec 1st, 2022 @ 10:16am by Lieutenant Konstantin Kozlov & Staff Warrant Officer Julia Curtis

Julia had just completed a gruelling session in Engineering, the ship was going through a minor refit and crew replacement but minor felt like major now she was off the clock, wearing her duty uniform she walked onto Deck 10 from 24 with the only thing on her mind. Friends…